Homebuying 101

  Now that you've settled on the home you want to buy and understand the contract, here are some other important terms to make sure you're familiar with. Contingencies These are provisions in a contract that require one or more certain acts to occur before the contract becomes binding. One of the most common examples [...]

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Terms You Need to Know Before Buying A House

You’re finally tired of renting and realize the $1,500 you’re spending on rent each month could go towards owning your dream home. However, the thought of going through the home buying process scares you. You don’t know where to start, what you should know, or who to talk to. You’re not alone.  Buying your first [...]

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What Is Wrongful Death?

  Bar patron electrocuted to death   Recently the Supreme Court held that a plaintiff was entitled to $450,000 in survival damages in a wrongful death and survival action against a utility company following a bar patron’s death from electrocution.  The bar owner and another witness testified that the patron began shaking after clutching a [...]

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Top 4 Things To Do In A Hit and Run Accident

Most insurance policies extend the definition of an uninsured motor vehicle to include a hit-and-run vehicle.  A hit-and-run vehicle may be defined as a vehicle that causes bodily injury to the insured arising out of physical contact of such vehicle with the insured or with the automobile, which the insured is occupying at the time [...]

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