Financial Injury

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and farmers are the backbone of America. Yet all too often, they suffer financial injury through no fault of their own.

Work with someone who understands you and your business.

J. R. Whaley, the founder of Whaley Law Firm, was raised by small business owners, married into a family of small business owners, and is a small business owner himself. He understands the struggles that business owners go through to succeed and hates to see them suffer financial losses due to the negligence or wrongful acts of other people.

That’s why Whaley Law Firm places a big emphasis on representing individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses when they have suffered a financial injury. Specifically, the firm’s attorneys have experience representing medical providers, farmers, and real estate investors in proceedings to seek damages to remedy their financial losses resulting from a wide range of wrongdoings such as consumer disputes, contract claims, unfair business practices, among other situations.

Of course, you don’t want to find yourself or your business suffering expensive legal bills. That’s why you need a financial attorney that can serve as your partner.

Whaley Law Firm only represents plaintiffs and only gets paid if you win.

The attorneys as Whaley Law Firm appreciate what you do for our country and they are willing to fight for you using contingency fee and similar arrangements. This means they only get paid if you get paid.

Their goal is to provide superior legal services while ensuring their interests are always aligned with your interests.


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J. R.:

Suffered a Financial Injury?

Whaley Law Firm can help you. Email J. R. to set up a consultation.

Suffered a Financial Injury?

Whaley Law Firm can help you. Email J. R. to set up a consultation.