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Legal Malpractice

The attorney-client relationship is a special one. The client entrusts his or her attorney to not only hold confidences and provide adequate advice but to handle the matters entrusted to the lawyer in a competent fashion. Most clients have neither the experience nor the education to know whether the attorney they hired is actually doing that. That makes it that much more critical for attorneys to handle any matter — but particularly matters affecting the livelihoods of their clients — in an appropriate manner.

If your former lawyer did not appropriately handle your case, Whaley Law Firm can help.

Attorneys are not the guarantors of a particular result. An attorney is not expected to be infallible or perfect. A poor result or bad advice alone is not evidence of legal malpractice. But when that poor result is the result of negligence — failure to provide the quality and kind of service that another legal professional would provide under the circumstances and consistent with generally accepted standards of care — a legal malpractice claim by a client against his or her former attorney is appropriate.

The legal malpractice at Whaley Law Firm have experience working with clients whose former attorneys failed to provide appropriate legal representation and the clients suffered harm as a result.

That harm can come in many forms and Whaley Law Firm can help you assess the strength of your case and the appropriate next step.


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Having Problems with Your Former Lawyer?

Whaley Law Firm can help. Email J. R. to learn how.

Having Problems with Your Former Lawyer?

Whaley Law Firm can help. Email J. R. to learn how.