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Whaley Law Firm is a different kind of law firm for a different kind of client.

All of Whaley Law Firm’s clients — whether they are workers injured by an unsafe product, a consumer ripped off by some scheme, a medical provider fighting for appropriate reimbursement, a farmer suffering a market loss, or a business owner devastated by a situation outside of her control — almost always have one thing in common. They have been injured by someone bigger, richer, and more powerful than they are. When David took on Goliath, David had a slingshot and five smooth stones. Clients have the civil justice system and it is Whaley Law Firm’s job to use that tool in the most efficient way for every client.

Litigation is always stressful, particularly when it is a client’s first time to be involved in a lawsuit, which is the case for many clients. That is why the attorneys at Whaley Law Firm make it a top priority to get clients the results they deserve and to make them whole. To do that, the firm’s attorneys focus on developing a litigation strategy that gets clients to the goal line as soon as possible. They also focus on being accessible, approachable, and responsive so that clients are aware of all of the issues in their case.

The best way for you to obtain justice is to think of your lawyer as a trusted partner during this stressful time. For that reason, Whaley Law Firm offers contingency fee and similar arrangements whenever possible so he only gets paid if you get paid. As a result, his interests are always aligned with your interests.


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