The days and months after suffering an injury due to the fault of another can be difficult on not only your physical health but also your financial well being. This is especially true if you are unable to get back to work due to the harm. Thankfully, Louisiana allows for recovery from the wrongdoer.

Although a more specific law may apply—depending on the claim being made and the damage sought— the starting point for recoverable damages due to another person’s negligence is the first paragraph of Louisiana Civil Code article 2315: “Every act whatever of man that causes damage to another obliges him by whose fault it happened to repair it.”

In Louisiana, a person that causes an injury to another is obligated to repair the resulting damage. As a victim of personal injuries, the law allows for a variety of claims to be brought including past lost wages, future lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of enjoyment of life.

When you have suffered a personal injury resulting in past lost wages, future lost wages, or pain and suffering, Whaley Law Firm has the experience and expertise to provide the skilled representation you desire.