My Lawyer Screwed Up…Can I Sue My Own Attorney?

You hired a lawyer because you have a legal problem you cannot solve on your own.  But what happens when your lawyer makes matters worse rather than better?   Your attorney has a duty to handle your case in a competent manner.  A lawyer who breaches this duty and makes serious errors may have committed legal [...]

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Electrocution Injuries

Power lines, wires, and metal are strong conductors of electricity.  Our bodies are too.  This means that when we are exposed to electricity, there are a number of unfortunate injuries, which  can be sustained. The most common injuries include cardiac arrest, nerve damage, fractures from falling, and electrocution burns.   In fact, electric burns account for [...]

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Pharma and Advertising

Pharma and Advertising *The following is an excerpt from an article "The Medicating of America," published in Living Safer Magazine and The Legal Examiner. Top 10 National TV Pharmaceutical Advertisers   Ad Spend                            Drug                      Treatment for                                   Manufacturer   $189 million                        Xeljanz                 Rheumatoid Arthritis                      Pfizer $185 million                        Trulicity Type 2 Diabetes              [...]

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